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Homelessness is a Policy Choice. So is ending it.

Equipped with the facts surrounding homelessness and its root causes, you can create policy today which will end homelessness in California.

Get the facts

Wages are stuck

Adjusted for inflation, median rent has increased 35% in the past 20 years while the median income of renters has only increased 6%. In real dollars, rent has increased 116%.

Race matters

37% of Black renters are paying more than 50% of their incomes towards housing, making Black Californians one of the most severely rent burdened racial groups in the state.

Funding housing ends homelessness

Since the United States began to prioritize ongoing funding for affordable and supportive housing, homelessness has decreased nearly 10% nationwide.

Affordability is key

People living on fixed incomes or earning the minimum wage often have to spend more than half of their income on housing, putting them at greater risk of losing their housing as rents go up.

Only housing ends homelessness

“Housing” refers to a home someone rents or owns where they can live for as long as they’d like, while “shelter” refers to short-term accommodations. They are not the same.

The path to change

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Through open dialogue, we provide changemakers with clarity and insight regarding homelessness and housing insecurity.


We share informational materials from a growing library of resources to inspire a deeper understanding of the challenges facing unhoused and extremely low-income Californians who are at risk of homelessness.


We work closely with changemakers to drive policy that is driven by research, informed by those with lived experience, and geared towards lasting change.

Video: Why are so many people experiencing homelessness?

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We want to be your thought partner and ally when it comes to talking about, understanding, and addressing homelessness. Reach out to start the conversation.

Homelessness is a Policy Choice is powered by a coalition of housing experts, advocates, and service providers dedicated to ending homelessness in California.